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Multiple Teams · Kempner Football 101

Kempner Football 101


Over the next few articles we will be providing everyone with some of the basics of the offense and defense of Kempner Football team.   The goal of these articles is to give parents who are not familiar with football some basic information about what the football teams are trying to do out on the field.  For those parents who have a basic understanding of the game and what is going we hope this will allow you to see the game in greater detail and understanding.

First some basic information about Coach Andrus and the Kempner Football program.  The team’s base offensive formation is called the Flexbone while the base defense is a 4-3, both of these terms we will discuss in more detail.  First the offense:

The Flexbone formation has been around in some way for over 30 years.  It has become the primary offensive formation for two of the US Military academies, Air Force and Navy, as well as several other colleges across the country.

The formation consists of 5 offensive linemen, a quarterback, 3 running backs, and a combination of 2 tight ends and wide receivers.  The base formation is shown in the image below.



The Quarterback is under center and the running backs position themselves outside of the tackles (SB) and directly behind the Center and Quarterback (FB).  The wide receivers/tight ends will line up outside of the tackles and the 2 outside running backs (SB).  This formation is called a balanced formation because it has the same number of players lined up on each side of the center.  The basic formation be adjusted or shifted to multiple different variations and those are shown in this video on Youtube.

On the defensive side of the ball the team uses a base 4-3 formation.  This formation as shown it the image below.  The formation starts with 4 Defensive Linemen, 3 linebackers and 4 defensive backs.



This is called a base defense because it was used traditionally on “Base Downs”, what was historically first and second down.   The defensive line usually consists of 2 defensive tackles (DT) and 2 defensive ends (DE) as shown in the 2 images below









The Linebackers each have a unique name and position the only inside linebacker is the middle linebacker (MLB) or “Mike” linebacker.  The two outside linbackers line up based upon the way the offense lines up.  The Strongside or “Sam” (SLB) will usually line up across from the tight end or on the side where the majority of the offensive line places themselves.  The Weak side linebacker  or “Will” (WLB) will line up on the opposite side of the MLB to balance the formation.  Each of these players has a specific set of responsibility and we will try to cover as much of that in later articles.


Finally the last four players on defense are the defensive backs (DB) or secondary.  There are 2 different players in the secondary, first the Cornerback (CB) whose first job is to cover the wide recievers on the other teams offense.  Finally there are the Safeties (S) they have multiple jobs, from helping the linbackers when the offense runs the ball to covering recievers when the opponent attempts to pass the ball.  Some teams will have one safety focus on run defense first and have the other focus on pass defense first, however that is all coaches preferences and we will cover that in more detail later.

So this concludes the first installment of KHS football 101.  From this point forward we will take turns covering the offensive and defensive side of the football and talk in more detail about different positions, stratagies, and even if possible talk about what the other guys are running.