Cougars News · Kempner Boys Soccer Profile

Name:Abel Lerma
Sport(s) played – Positions:  Defense
Favorite Team(s): Real Madrid
Favorite Player(s): Reus
Favorite Food: Mexican Food
Favorite TV show/Movie: Dragon ball super fury movie
What is on your playlist (Artists): post Malone, Hendrick Lamar, Enrique Iglesias
Most memorable moment in sports: winning first place in state for club, winning a tournament in school soccer, winning the league twice for club ( undefeated )
Interests outside of sports: hanging out with friends, family, exercising
Favorite subject in School: math
Favorite Teacher: hellcamp
Plans for after Kempner – (What college/other school are you looking to go to? will you play sports?)Wharton Community College, later transfer to UT Austin to become a petroleum engineer.