Cougars News · KABC in 2020 – Where we are and the future.

Dear Parent of Kempner High Athlete,

This letter is to inform you of the status of the Kempner Athletics Booster Club, and what we as board members see in the future. At this time all of the board positions are filled however there is still a need of several people to fill critical positions within the organization to ensure that things continue along in the future.   At this time the board executives and coordinators consist of the following people, and the class that their student is in.  The next board meeting is Monday January 6th at 6pm in the KHS Library. any parent of a KHS athlete is invited to attend.

  • President – Bill Weldon (Senior)
  • Vice President- Amy Lopez (Sophomore)
  • Treasurer – Melinda Rainwater (Sophomore)
  • Secretary – Judy Thacker (Senior)


  • Concessions Coordinator – Open
  • Membership Coordinator – Filled
  • Merchandise Coordinator – Open
  • Scholarship Coordinator – Filled
  • Communications Coordinator – Open
  • Events Coordinator – Open


As you can see in the this year two of the existing board members children will graduate and the booster club will need to have parents step up or the organization will go dormant end up having to go dormant or disband.  If this happens then the booster club goes dormant it will lose it’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status on a permanent basis and there will no longer be any external support for Kempner Athletics in any way.  For the Booster club to not only survive but thrive, we need parents who are willing to volunteer.  Beyond the support for the athletics programs the Booster Club is also involved in the following activities

Kempner spirit wear/merchandise sales at School events, Concession Stands at Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and other sporting event hosted at Kempner HS.

So that everyone knows what is expected of the positions I am including a few points about each position and the amount of time needed.

The officer positions (President, VP, Sec, Treasurer) They are the ones who work with the coordinators and coaches, to run the Booster club, this includes working to maintain the 501(c)3 status, attending and running the KABC meetings during the school year and at least one meeting during the summer to plan for the next school year, as well as communication with the administration of Kempner High School.  These positions other than Treasurer usually require only one or two hours a month for the meeting and then occasionally phone or e-mail communication between officers, coordinators, parents and coaches


  • Concessions Coordinator – Works with each sport/team that has games at Kempner HS and that teams parents to staff and supply the concession stand for that season.  Includes supply runs, and working with officers to collect revenue for deposit. — Time needed 1-2 hours shopping for supplies every week to 10 days depending upon sales, and restock needs.
  • Merchandise Coordinator – Helps organize sale of Kempner Spirit Merchandise at School events (open house, freshman orientation, Football home games.  Organizes delivery of sales from online store to students, maintain inventory of spirit merchandise. – Depends upon how big a group is supporting this, organization and inventory are most time consuming.
  • Communications  Coordinator – Manages KABC communications with school and parents.  Includes E-mail list and working with coaches and webmaster on  Also work with Gameday Media on the production of seasonal media guides, and distribution of guides at events. – Time needed 1 or 2 hours a week organizing and publishing stories on the website, 1 or 2 hours communicating with Gameday Media via e-mails as they develop the media guides (3 per year).
  • Scholarship Coordinator – Responsible for distribution of KABC scholarship application and collection of and evaluation of submitted applications from senior student athletes. – Time needed 15 or 20 near the end of the school year before the final banquet to organize judges and evaluate scholarships applications.
  • Membership Coordinator – responsible for reaching out to parents of Kempner athletes and working to get parents to join the booster club.  Also works with officers to find ways to increase membership and parent support. Time need 2 or 3 hours a month depending upon number of parents meetings.
  • Events Coordinator – Responsible for working with the Athletic staff in setting up end of year sports banquet/s. Time Needed – depends upon size of team you build to organize the event.  Minimum 1 or 2 hours per month of organization, more as the banquets approach.