Cougars News · Time to step down.

Parents, Students, and Friends of Kempner Athletics.

As they say all things in time must end, and my time as a board member of the Kempner Cougars Athletic Booster Club is now at an end, and as much as I would like to stay as an officer the By-Laws of the organization state that if I do not have a child enrolled at Kempner HS I cannot be a board member. So as of June 1, my position at President officially became an open position. I am not the only parent who is stepping down our Secretary Judi Thacker is also stepping down for the same reasons.

This leaves the booster club in a very difficult position, at this time we have 2 officers, Our Vice president, and our Treasurer are still able to hold their positions, and at this time I only have confirmation that one will be able to continue as an officer into next year. So the booster club will need at least 3 parents to volunteer and take over the operations of the booster club, or face the possibility of not having any booster club in the future.

I realize that stepping into these positions can seem daunting, and if we get a group of parents who are willing to keep things going, I will find a way to setup some sort of training so that all of the information, contacts, rules and documentation is passed on to the new officers. I also am going to stay on as one of the Admins of the website that the booster club has, since that is something that I can do and still be a part of the KHS Athletics Family.

With all this being said, it is imperative that each and every parent of a Kempner Athlete look and see how they can help. Kempner has many wonderful students athletes and I hope some of those parents are able to keep things going. KABC has been around for a long time and has done many wonderful things for Kempner Athletics, and I would hate for it to end here.
If anyone a question about any of the positions, from officer to any of the committee/group leaders, feel free to contact me either through e-mail, your child’s coach, or any of the Administrators and I will get back in touch.

Bill Weldon